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TDA Insurance can assist TDA Members and their employees in selecting and enrolling in a Health Insurance Plan. Whether you are shopping for a group or individual plan, or need assistance navigating the online Marketplace, turn to TDA Insurance for the best service and selection.

Let us know what you are looking for:

  • TDC Benefits Plan (TDCBP): Our Proprietary Self-Insured Group Plan
  • Group Health Insurance Plan
  • Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Medicare Supplement Coverage (For ages 65 and up)


TDC Benefits Plan (TDCBP)

Spiraling healthcare costs represent an enormous challenge to the profitability of dentists and their employees. Employers and staff are facing increasing costs and less flexible plans with higher and higher deductibles. The TDCBP is your solution to receive high quality health benefits for yourself and your staff at affordable rates.

The TDCBP is a private self-funded health benefit plan. It was exclusively developed for the Tennessee Dental Association member dentists and their staff to help battle the increasing cost of providing healthcare benefits, as well as the limited coverage options available.


What do I need to know about the TDC Benefits Plan (TDCBP)?

The TDCBP is an employer plan, which means the practices that enroll in the plan will be required to offer insurance to all full-time employees (defined by the ACA as those employees working 25-30 hours or more per week). No employer contribution is required, however if an employer chooses to make a contribution, it must be on a non-discrimination basis. Employees are allowed to decline the coverage by completing a waiver form.

Because the TDCBP is a self-insured plan, it has many benefits, including the ability to design plan and deductible options. The TDCBP offers seven different plans with deductible options ranging from $500 to $5,000, including Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible plans. To review our plans, click here.

The TDCBP will be utilizing the MultiPlan PHCS Network, which provides insureds with an extensive network of providers and hospitals, both in Tennessee as well as in other states. To view the provider directory, visit Furthermore, the plans will also include full prescription coverage.


Why should I offer an employer plan?

The IRS no longer permits employers to reimburse employees for individual health insurance premiums. Paying directly for an employee’s individual health insurance plans puts the employer out of compliance with IRS regulations and may subject them to a $100/day excise tax per applicable employee (which is $36,500 per year, per employee) under section 4980D of the Internal Revenue Code.

Group health plans – like the TDCBP – purchased through a payroll deduction can be paid with pre-tax dollars. The employee gets a tax break on the premiums of a least 15 percent.  By paying for health insurance with pre-tax dollars, the employee does not pay federal, state or social security taxes on the cost of their insurance. This is beneficial to employees instead of paying for individual health insurance with after tax dollars even if the employer chooses not to make any contribution to the cost of the plan. The employer saves the social security matching tax as well.


How can I learn more and enroll?

TDCBP representatives can walk you through the various healthcare benefit options available through the TDC Benefits Plan. We are licensed insurance agents, and will work to make sure you get the best plan available. You can be assured that we have your best interest at heart.


Request a TDCBP Quote

  1. Complete the Health Benefits Plan Census Form.
  2. Employees (including dentists) requesting quotes must complete a Personal Health Questionnaire.
  3. Eligible employees not requesting a quote must complete a Waiver Form.
  4. Submit the Census Form and Personal Health Questionnaires to us via fax at 866.791.2806 or via email to We will submit the information to underwriters for a rate quote and rates will be provided to you as soon as possible.


Request a TDCBP Quote for a Newly Eligible Employee

  1. Employers currently enrolled in the TDCBP and have newly eligible employees or an employee having a qualifying event may request the employees complete a Personal Health Questionnaire to receive a quote.
  2. Employers complete the Add Employee Form. [COMING SOON]
  3. Provide proof that the new eligibility or qualifying event has occurred within the last 60 days.
  4. Submit the completed forms to us via fax at 866.791.2806 or via email to We will submit the information to underwriters for a rate quote and rates will be provided for the newly eligible employee(s) as soon as possible.


How to Enroll:

  1. Simply select a TDCBP plan that works best for you from the rate information provided to you.
  2. Complete a Confirmation of Coverage Selection form [COMING SOON] signed by employer.
  3. Return it to us (faxing your forms to 866.791.2806 is the most secure method, or for a secure email option contact Employees declining coverage need to sign and submit a Waiver Form.
  4. Offices that would like to enroll in automatic monthly payments can fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer form. [COMING SOON]

TDCBP representatives are available via phone at 800.347.1109 and email at to answer any questions you have about the health benefit plans and how to obtain a quote.


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